Two Sides of the Face

by | Nov 14, 2019 | Uncategorized

If you look closely at people’s faces, one side may look different than the other. It may have more lines, wrinkles, discolorations or the shapes of facial features can be different. In the art of Chinese Face Reading, this discrepancy between both sides is very important. In this system, the right side of the face is considered to be the “public” side and the left side is considered to be the “private” side. Let’s break it down. The right side is who you appear to be in the world. What emotions, personality traits, and characteristics do you choose to show? The left side is the side that shows who you really are. It shows who you are when you are alone or with people you feel very comfortable with. What emotions, personality traits, and characteristics do you reserve for yourself or close company? It is very common for the left side to be more marked with lines and wrinkles because people tend to save their emotions and hardships for when they are behind closed doors.Next time you have a conversation with someone, take Beyonce’s advice and go #totheleft to see who they really are! 

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