Phobias and EFT

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Small talk at trader joes is always the best. I always enjoy swinging my basket up onto the wooden ledge and waiting to be thrust into a genuine conversation from a bubbly 20 something. But this shopping trip, my healthy choices took a far back seat and my pizza craving swooped in. 3 Frozen pizzas and 2 pints of vegan ice cream guilty leaned in my basket, alongside a stupid containter of kale chips. I was trying to redeem myself ok? I am wondering how long it would take this cashier to ask me, “Pizza night?” My excuse rested on the tip of my tongue but before I could spit it out, he asked me, “What do you do?”

Swallowing my excuse, I said, “I am studying Acupuncture and Chinese medicine.” He replied, “Oh, acupuncture…never tried it, though I know I need it, but I just hate needles.” I have heard this plea more than once. In fact, needle phobia is fairly common. Despite the fact that acupuncture needles are hair thin, most people think of the needles to draw blood at hospitals or IVs. It’s very understandable why this is a common fear, but this example just shows how many people are walking around with tappable issues.

Phobias are something that can be worked through using tapping. Think of something you are scared of. Public speaking? Bugs? Needles? Clowns? Do you feel your body tense up at any of these topics? Do you feel your stomach turn upside down at the thought of encountering any one of these things and now you’re bouncing off the ceiling?

These somatic messages from your body are representations of emotions (fear, nervousness etc.). They indicate that your nervous system is engaged because your emotional brain sees these phobias as threats to survival. Tapping regulates one’s hyperarousal state and relaxes the sympathetic nervous system, therefore, rewiring the nervous to no longer have an intense response to things like bugs or needles.

If you let a phobia run your life, what are you missing out on? Wellness? Friends? Experiences? Tap into something more.

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