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An Interview with Master Manifestor, Victoria Rose

As Wayne Dyer said, “as you change the way you look at things, the  things you look at change.” Changing the way you perceive things (on a neurological level) can literally change the way you see your world. If you think about things differently, then the trajectory of your life will forever be different. EFT can be used to destroy unwanted thought patterns, behaviors, or limiting beliefs about oneself or the world because it literally “taps” into the limbic system of the brain. Everytime we think of a negative memory, experience, belief, we are wiring our brain and making that specific neural pathway thicker and stronger. If your brain is conditioned to think one way, then you will live your life according to that conditioning; your energy will interact with the matrix of energy in the Universe and attract experiences that line up with the energetic frequency you are emitting. 

In order to shed some light on how the Law of Attraction (LOA) plays a role in EFT, I picked the brain of master manifestor and face reader, Victoria Rose. She is the creator of The Rose Reserve which is a website/YouTube channel that creates content about clean beauty and conscious living. She also offers manifesting mentoring sessions which combining Face Reading, Law of Attraction, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to help people resolve any problem with the bonus of improving their skin and minimizing wrinkles. 

Enjoy this interview with Victoria!

How do you define Law of Attraction (LOA)?

The law of attraction is a metaphysical law which explains how energy works. The basic premise is that like attracts (a.k.a. manifests) like and where you put your focus is what you’ll get more of. We all do this naturally throughout the day–good and bad–without even realizing it. You’re already amazing at manifesting! 

A lot of people believe the goal of manifesting is a device just to receive everything you want. That’s the ego’s deception! When you manifest from your highest self you always attract what is in the best interest of everyone involved–usually that’s exactly what you want or better. You also gain a sense of bliss, freedom and peace. 

How does your process of attraction differ from what is out there?

My law of attraction process is similar to a lot of people’s. I’ve manifested a ton of things in a plethora of ways which just shows you that there’s not a single way to manifest, it’s finding the right fit for you or the situation. The first step is to always clearly envision or write down what you want and see yourself being, doing or having it as if it has already transpired. Steps two, three and four happen simultaneously and can occur out of order as long as they’re completed. My second step is to make a detailed list of inspired action that you can take. Sometimes the inspired action is to rest or stop trying to make everything happen–which may seem counterintuitive, but listen to your intuition!

My third step is to clear out any resistance. Resistance is all the statements that play in your head telling your that you cannot have what you want. Resistance is just your subconscious trying to keep you safe, albeit in a usually extremely misguided manner. The fourth step is letting go of wanting your manifestation. Yes, you still want it, but you don’t need it to live or feel whatever emotions you attached to having it. The final step includes a state of trusting that whatever you need will come to you in perfect timing. 

Lots of people accept things as they are; They say…”this is how it has always been and always will be.” What would you say to these people?

I would ask them if they are open to exploring any other options as well as trying to get to the root of why they would have that belief. Concepts are only a fact if it’s true for everyone on the planet. If a topic is not true for everyone, then it’s considered a belief. The sky is blue, that is a fact. What shade of blue, that’s a different story based on the eye of the viewer. The limiting belief “this is how it’s been and how it always will be” is not true for two reasons. First, I do not have that belief and neither do a lot of other people so how could it be a fact when it’s so easily disputed and proven wrong based on mine and others’ personal findings? Second, if they actually look back in their history, while they will have a lot of evidence to validate their point, they’ll also be able to find evidence to the contrary as well. If they’re willing, they also might be able to find the story that made them believe that was true. This specific belief comes with a lot of resignation and usually is coupled with “life isn’t fair” (also not a fact). Depending on what the person is getting from this belief (yes, there’s convoluted benefits to limiting beliefs!) will determine how easy or difficult it is to let go of and change. 

Everyone has the power to modify their beliefs to what they want which in turn changes everything outside of themselves and what they attract. Creating space in your life to design what you want all starts with investigating your beliefs. 

Of all the information out there on Law of Attraction, what do you think is missing?

The information that is missing is what to do when you’re in a crisis or dark night of the soul and that is to SURRENDER. It’s easy to manifest when you don’t need something and you’re not in a panic or worried state-of-mind. You’re happy regardless of if your desired manifestation arrives or doesn’t. However, when you’re struggling and desperately need something to happen, that’s when you discover your mettle. When manifesting from the ego’s discomfort you use a lot of force to attempt to make it happen. Properly manifesting is allowing everything to flow and unfold in the perfect time.

Surrendering is finding the capacity to let go of your stifling grasp and trust that you will be okay with or without your desired experience or object. You can also release your troubles to a higher power in this process too. If you haven’t consciously surrendered before, its achievement initially can be confusing and infuriariating! Nevertheless, attaining that level of acceptance allows freedom of detachment, peace of mind, and your manifestation to arrive in a better way than you can imagine.     

In these scenarios you have to conquer a lot of personal resistance and reprogram yourself. However, that’s usually when you receive the greatest reward. I know from experience that consciously evolving and trusting throughout these experiences is worth it and the sun always rises at the end of a dark night. 

What’s your take on  “affirmations” and “positive thinking” in creating changes in your reality? Does it work? 

Affirmations and positive thinking definitely work. However, there are two caveats to the positivity fantasy. First, constantly forcing yourself to think positively does not allow for feeling the entire spectrum of emotions–a natural part of the human experience–which can lead to repression and potential illness. Positive thinking and gratitude not only help you feel better but also assist you in manifesting easier by creating more energy and space in your life to believe what you want is possible. But, you can still manifest even if you aren’t at your highest vibration (your personal frequency based on the emotional energetic scale according to David Hawkins PhD), or in a bad mood which is a myth sometimes perpetrated in the LOA community–that you have to be in a high vibration to manifest. You don’t!

Second, you can consciously think positively, but the thoughts and stories that are playing in your subconscious are actually running  your life. You have to reprogram the subconscious thoughts to be affirmations and stories you want to be true in your life. Affirmations are the device you use in improving the stories. For example, saying the affirmation, “I am beautiful” is an easy place to start. It doesn’t affect the potency if you don’t believe the phrase the first time you say it. As long as you continue to repeat it, your brain will eventually accept it as true. Then you’ll start to manifest scenarios that prove to you that you are beautiful, such as someone complimenting you, seeing the words in a magazine, replacing the old evidence you had that told you weren’t beautiful.   

What’s your experience using EFT and LOA?

I’ve used EFT tapping in sessions with Mozelle and by myself in conjunction to my Law of Attraction practice. Honestly, I was skeptical of tapping at first, which is completely not like me as I love alternative modalities. Despite my uncertainty, I’ve had major breakthroughs in every session that have propelled me towards my goals and helped me reduce intense feelings about scenarios from my past. I’ve also completed each session with a sense of peace of mind, which is always what I want from a healing experience. 

What are your greatest LOA stories?

I’ve been using the law of attraction me entire life, although I didn’t have a term for it until four years ago. One of my greatest LOA stories started with me being diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). There is no cure and the only option (a “bandaid”) from medical providers was to go back on birth control which was completely out of the question for me–I live a natural lifestyle! Despite my doctor’s rather rude chiding, I decided to resolve the problem myself. 

Unfortunately the side effects of PCOS that I was burdened with were terrible cystic acne and hair growth–both along my jawline (mortifying!). I had done everything I could think of diet and supplement-wise for a few months, yet nothing had shifted. Completely frustrated, I decided to do purposeful envisioning as the last attempt I would make. My plan was to envision three times a day until the acne went away. I did not know if this would work because I had never tried anything like this before. 

For two weeks after I made the plan, I didn’t feel in the mood because I was exhausted from trying everything I could to get rid of the acne and PCOS. So, I waited until I was absolutely ready to start the envisioning (a.k.a. I surrendered). Then I wrote out the envisioning with extreme detail in the past tense like it had already happened and how I felt. I actually felt as I was writing that it had actually transpired and my skin was back to normal! As soon as I was done, I felt extreme relief wash over me. I didn’t feel called to envision it again after that. I also didn’t have the same negative feelings towards the acne. I decided if it never went away I would figure out some way to live with it but I wasn’t going to let it affect me personally anymore.

Five days later the acne was completely gone, the hair had fallen out, the PCOS was gone. So much for an incurable syndrome!  

Keep the manifesting vibes alive and reach out to Victoria via her a website/YouTube channel.

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