Is EFT right for me?

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Well, I personally think everyone can benefit from EFT because as human beings, emotions are just a natural part of existing. And, whether emotions are your central issue or simply a byproduct of another issue, emotions are always present in your life to some degree. EFT is one of the best self help/ self empowerment tools I have ever come across. At any moment, you can tap into something more…and all you need are your fingertips! 

Still don’t know if EFT is right for you? Use this checklist to see if EFT is right for you. Even if you just mentally check off a couple things, EFT can help increase the quality of your life and tap into something more!

Do you experience the following?

waking up unenthused

obsessive and cyclical thoughts

anxious feelings and moments of panic

easily overwhelmed

trouble getting over the past

feeling angry, irritated, and resentful

dealing with a broken heart

letting fears and phobias dictate your life




engaging in self sabotaging behaviors

failed dieting

indulging bad habits like overeating, overspending etc.

financial worries

feeling lost and aimless

Nervous ticks like nail biting, hair pulling, teeth grinding, skin picking etc

setting goals but never achieving them

attracting same type of experiences, themes in relationships/partners, patterns in life

critical self image and negative self talk

feeling stuck, unmotivated, and apathetic about life

earching for soul mate love

wondering, ”when will this get better?”

test taking anxiety

performance anxiety

intense cravings or addictions

trouble implementing healthy habits brain fog

weird, vivid dreams

feelings of deep shame, guilt, embarrassment

wondering ”I don’t think this will ever go away

trouble being emotionally vulnerable critical self image

fears and phobias

thinking, “I want to do that but I can’t because XYZ”

negative self talk

comparing yourself to others

difficulty sleeping

waves of emotion make it hard to see and think straight

So, What do you think? Is EFT right for you?

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