Face Reading and Tapping: A Combined Approach

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Face Reading can tell you a lot about your emotional and physical history. There is no hiding what you have endured whether it be physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.  It is written on your face. For me, face reading is another form of “namaste;” it is another way to honor the being in front of me. Face reading and tapping seamlessly flow into one another. Both of these modalities are introspective and self empowerment techniques. Here are the top five ways in which I use face reading and tapping as a combined approach to facilitate internal and external change. 

  1. Face Reading Leads to Specific Questions. Your face shows what you have endured physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  There is an age map over lapped on the face. Specific lines and wrinkles, demarcations at certain places on the face show the specific ages at which events or experiences happened. The facial age map can be likened to tree rings; if there was a drought, the tree will mark this hard and difficult time in the form of a distorted or smaller ring. The face is the same way. Face reading can help unearth specific moments, events, limiting beliefs, and experiences that have all shaped the way you show up in life. 
  2. Face Reading Helps with Uncovering Tappable Topics. The specificity gathered from face reading lends perfectly to the specificity of tapping. 
  3. Face Reading Informs How to Best Practice with Clients. From reading all of my clients’ faces, I know HOW to best work with them such as how to phrase questions or approach certain material, how to structure the tapping sessions etc.
  4. Face Reading and Self Esteem. A lot of self esteem issues stem from how one looks. Self esteem issues are learned from TV, bullies, family members or friends.  At some time in your life, something or someone created a limiting belief that conditioned you to feel as though you are not good enough. When you are a beautiful baby, you are confident and have no reservations about how you look. By combining tapping and face reading, I help my clients unearth any beliefs holding them back from shining in their light by combining face reading and tapping. 
  5. Face Reading is Another Way to Test the Work. While tapping, it is best to “test” your work. That is the only way you know if the work you are doing is actually making a difference. “Tests” can include real world experiences or  imaginative scenarios. I use face reading as another way to test the tapping work. I have all of my clients take a picture before they start tapping and after our tapping work together is done. During our last session, we do a deep dive by comparing these two pictures. Why? The face is always changing. As we release emotional and physical traumas, the face responds by losing wrinkles or lines and features change. In the same way that face reading can show how far you have come, it can also inform what work still needs to be and help in the creation of specific goals.  

For a more in depth explanation of face reading and tapping, check out my podcast interview with Joan Kaylor on YouTube and on Apple Podcasts.

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