5 ways to know If You’re Really Over It…Or Not

by | Nov 19, 2019 | Uncategorized

How many times do you hear, “Oh, I’m sooooo over it.” This may be true as long as one adheres to the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ construct. But, what if…WHAT IF you are faced with the thing you are apparently “over?” Would you feel calm as a cucumber? Would you feel chill and totes relaxed? As the new year approaches, it is the perfect opportunity to start the new year with a little less emotional baggage.

Here are 5 ways to know if you are indeed “over it.” 

  1. Mari Kondo the contact list in your phone: I got this tip from an amazing mentor of mine, Dale Teplitz (check her out!). Scroll through your phone contacts and read each name individually. It’s almost like Marie Kondoing your contact list! Does the name spark joy? Does it bring up some emotions? If you read that name and instantly  felt like you were going to diarrhea your pants, and simultaneously need a tequila shot…straight no chaser, your body is simply reminding you that you have some unfinished emotional business. If you got through your contact list without any emotional upset, see what’s lurking in your “blocked contacts.”
  2. Listen to old spotify playlists or CDs: If you’re anything like me, certain time periods in one’s  life are associated with different soundtracks or songs. Listening to old music is a way of accessing memories that may still carry some emotional intensity.  If you start to cry, get angry or have a memory pop up that makes you feel some type of way while listening to a particular song, it’s an opportunity to work through it and start tapping. 
  3. Stalk yourself on social media: A sure fire way to see if you’re truly ‘over it’ is if you can be indifferent to  not only whoever/whatever is in YOUR pictures, but also be indifferent to any comments on your posts. Another level to this included noticing any negative self talk that comes up when you see an old picture of yourself. If you can’t look at that old picture from 2003 without cringing, tap away!  Also, take a look at your camera roll on your phone for extra tapping fun. 
  4. Notice what you are avoiding: If you feel the need to avoid any social media pages/ people/places/ things, become curious about why and tap away. 
  5. Randomly running into your ex: Think of the last time you ran into your ex. Does that bring up any emotions or physical sensations in your body? If you haven’t run into your ex recently, imagine running into them at your favorite hang out and just notice what emotions come up. Tapping can help regulate you and find peace again. 

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