5 Facial Trends of 2019 Interpreted with Face Reading

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Chinese face reading is a system that was developed 5,000 years ago alongside the development of acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Back then, acupuncturists were the doctors of the ancient royal families. They were an integral part in keeping the royal family eternally healthy. But, these doctors were not allowed to heavily palpate the members of the royal family. Therefore, they had to rely on more subtle forms of diagnosis. They looked at the tongue, felt the pulse on each arm, and more importantly, they looked at the face. From this inspection, these doctors were able to discern the physical and emotional health of the patient and ultimately, devise a treatment plan for them. 

You may be thinking, “is face reading kind of like that popular show, Lie to Me?” This show sheds light on how the face and its many microexpressions cannot and will never lie. Chinese face reading is less about reading the microexpressions of the face in real time, and more about how the face will be marked in the form of wrinkles or lines if those microexpressions are sustained or repeated often.

While there are many different ways to interpret the face, I was trained by my teacher Lillian Bridges to use the face as a way of providing insight into what lines, wrinkles, and features on your face tell about your human potential, your unique personality traits, and what you have endured physically and emotionally throughout your life. This system attributes lines and wrinkles on the face as a result of an overuse of emotion or emotions. Your whole emotional history can be accessed by simply looking at your face! And what’s more, your face is constantly changing depending on what you’re feeling and what’s going on in your life. I truly believe, that if you want to change your face, this can be done by simply living life in a more conscious way. 

The world of beauty has been expanding and exploding with different trends to get the “lewk.” Discover what the most popular facial trends mean from my perspective as a face reader and learn some ways to achieve these looks naturally if you so choose! 

1. Lusciously plump lips. From a face reading perspective, the fullness of the lips is related to your ability to derive sensual pleasure from life as well as your ability to express emotions. The lips have more than 1 million nerve endings, making them one of the most sensitive parts of the human body! If you have fuller lips, the more inclined you will be to desire touch, engage in public displays of affection, and easily reflect their emotional state verbally or in some other way. People with fuller lips are more likely to physically console and nurture someone as a way to show their love. 

Natural Pro Tip: Today, one of the main incentives in achieving that full lip lewk is to feel and look sexier. Being more sensual allows you to interact more with your environment either through taste, touch, sound, smell, sight, or expression of emotion. If you want fuller lips, I invite you to explore the fine line between sensuality and sexuality. Drip chocolate sauce all over your body and lips and have your partner watch. If you’re a single lady, do this in the mirror. It will quickly become apparent that this sensual experience is incredibly and undeniably a sexual one as well.  

2. Thick, bushy eyebrows. In face reading, bushy, thick eyebrows show that you are assertive, action oriented, passionate and have a lot of energy to expend. The bushier the eyebrows the more you show the world you mean business and you aren’t taking no for an answer. People with these types of eyebrows can feel anger, irritation, annoyance, and impatience easier (and more often) than people who have more tamed eyebrows. If you have thinner, more refined eyebrows, this simply means that you have a more laid back approach to completing tasks and tend to do things at your own pace. You also pick your emotional battles wisely; you ain’t got time to be irritated all the time! 

Natural Pro Tip: If you want eyebrows like Cara Delevingne, it requires a two pronged approach. In order to have energy to expend, you have to cultivate your energy. There are so many ways to build up your energy reservoir, but it doesn’t need to be hard! Go back to basics. Eat clean. Start your day with lemon water and stay hydrated! Meditate and go to sleep when you’re tired. Once you have built up your energy tank, begin to discover what lights you up, turns you on, and sets your heart on fire. Journal it out and make a S.M.A.R.T. plan about how you will achieve those things. Follow through and fight for your dreams and your eyebrows will naturally thicken up! 

3. Defined jawline aka ‘lawline’. From a face reading perspective, the jawline represents how developed your internal justice system is. If you have a stronger jaw, it means that you have a clear, defined set of ‘laws’ by which you live by, including your morals, ethics, and values. A strong jaw does not mean that your laws are universally “right,” but they are right for YOU. If you feel like you are jawless, it does not mean you are lawless! Having a less defined jaw merely means that you are more fluid and flexible in what you interpret as right and wrong. You are able to understand different value systems at once and make a decision as to what is right or wrong when faced with a specific dilemma.

Natural Pro Tip: If you want to grow a jaw, reflect on what your internal justice system is and begin to draw your line in the sand. What things are your non-negotiables? What things make your blood pressure rise when you see or hear about them? Answers to these questions indicate what you will fight for, either for yourself or for others. 

4. Fillers for under eye lines. In face reading, the lines under your eyes that start from the inner corner (canthus) of the eye These lines show the parts of yourself that you have lost, simply by going through life. Sometimes we leave parts of ourselves in other people. Think of when you have endured a break up–doesn’t it feel like a part of you is missing? I liken these lost love lines to Harry Potter and horcruxes. These lines show us the amount of horcruxes we have in the Universe. Just like Harry Potter, you have to go on a quest to find where you have stored those lost parts of yourself. Often times, you don’t even know you are losing parts of yourself, but the good thing is, you can always go back and get those lost parts. You cannot lose what was always yours. Go get them back! Alohomora

Natural Pro Tip: If you want to get rid of these lines naturally, Marie Kondo the sh*t out of your life. Find what brings you joy currently and what brought you joy in the past. Often times, returning to what you used to do as a kid can provide profound insight into what used to bring you happiness. For further introspection, ask yourself: Who did you stop being for the sake of others? What did you stop doing that you miss doing now? 

5. Defined cheekbones: More defined cheekbones not only reflects your ability to tell others what you expect fro, but their presence represents a certain level of bossiness. The more angular the cheekbones are, the more bossy or assertive you could be seen that way by others. If your cheekbones are more fleshy and padded, you will still boss people around, but you will do it in a loving and kind way that rarely offends people. For those that feel as though you do not have very defined cheekbones, don’t despair! You march to the beat of your own drum and prefer to lead by example rather than verbally express how things should be done. 

Natural Pro Tip: If you want to chisel your cheekbones, it requires that you channel your inner queen. Start by listening to Bo$$y by Kelis. Once you hyped yourself up, practice verbalizing what you want and delegate tasks to others instead of doing it all yourself. Watch as those cheekbones transform into beautiful peaks once you step into your power! 

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