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Face Reading

Chinese Face Reading is a system that was developed 5,000 years ago alongside Classical Acupuncture Chinese Medicine. Acupuncturists were the doctors of the ancient royal families and were an integral part in keeping the royal family eternally healthy. But, these doctors were not allowed to heavily palpate the royals and therefore had to rely on looking at the tongue, feeling the pulses on the arm, and looking at the face. Chinese Face Reading can be used diagnostically in the study of Chinese Medicine, but it can also be used to give insight into what you have endured emotionally and physically, your human potential, and your unique personality traits. This system of thought attributes lines and wrinkles on the face to certain emotions and their overuse or underuse. Learning about your face can bring awareness to your emotional history and can facilitate a profound transformation.

Emotional Freedom Techniques 

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is most commonly known as tapping. Tapping is a self comforting, self empowerment tool that is based on the ancient meridian system that acupuncture is based on. It is a variation of acupuncture and is often called the emotional version of acupuncture, but instead of using needles, all you need is your fingertips! At its core, tapping is a stress management technique. Stress can come from our relationships, our careers, limiting beliefs, physical pains, or negative things that happened long ago or are currently happening. You simply ‘tap’ gently on specific meridian endpoints located on head, face, and upper body while thinking about an issue affecting you and voice positive affirmations simultaneously.

EFT reminds you that you are not what has happened to you and you are not your emotions. Emotions are simply a stress response, and when the sympathetic system is activated, it is meant to keep you safe. Fight or flight. But that response is not who you really are. EFT gives you the opportunity to rewire your brain gently and create new neural pathways that will help you see yourself different and the world around you. 

Research has shown that tapping can be used to effectively reduce stress levels in the body because it interacts directly with the nervous system. More on the science of tapping can be found here. You literally have power at your fingertips. Imagine what is possible for you!

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Available to new clients. The package includes an initial 60 minute discovery session (infused with face reading), five 60 minute tapping sessions, and one 60 minute face reading session to be done after all tapping sessions have been completed.


Available to return clients only. Single session includes one 60 minute tapping session. 


 Available to new clients. The package includes an initial 30-45 minute discovery session plus five 60 minute tapping sessions.