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Elevate and enhance your tapping practice by tapping into something more with Dr. Mo!

In choosing Dr. Mo as one of your mentors, you will:

  • Cultivate a strong understand of what clinical EFT is and what it can do for you and your clients
  • Have all your questions answered in a safe, nurturing, and detailed way
  • Review, understand, and learn Clinical EFT by using your practice sessions as a jumping off point
  • Gain a unique perspective of EFT through Dr. Mo’s Chinese Medicine and neuropsychology/neuroscience background
  • Learn clinical EFT concepts through using Dr. Mo’s excellent use of metaphor, imagery, science and Chinese Medicine
  • Gain confidence in your clinical EFT skills and feel comfortable while conducting sessions
  • Develop your own unique practitioner style
  • You have the option to record your own Zoom session for future reference 

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What are past students of Dr. Mo saying?!

I am grateful Mozelle was my mentor. She has a lot of experience conducting sessions and is detail-oriented and thorough. In addition to that, she is also encouraging, patient, and kind. Mozelle is also open-minded and supports you in finding your answers and your own style of coaching. To sum up, she has a gentle but very comprehensive mentoring style, and the progress I made in conducting sessions during the mentoring phase was apparent. I highly recommend her youtube videos. I will come back for more mentoring advice.  Jana Sujanska, Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner

As a trauma therapist for the last 28 years, I didn’t know what to expect in the mentoring practice. Dr. Mo was an amazing guide and mentor. Her knowledge helped me to improve my skill and EFT practice and her feedback was always spot on. She often sent me information or videos that helped me to grow in my practice. Since I had a great deal of clinical skill in working with trauma she really helped me to weave in tapping and gentle techniques. In addition to being knowledgeable, she is kind and compassionate. She makes it easy to ask for help and learn from your mistakes. She is quick to answer questions and responsive to emails and questions. I can’t recommend her highly enough. EFT is the most powerful tool in my bag as a therapist and I am so grateful for Dr. Mo’s guidance and help.” Kerri Rhodes, LPC, LMFT, Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner

I have really appreciated Dr. Mo’s guidance and mentoring. The combination of written feedback and TeaQIngs videos has worked great, and I often go back and reread the feedback. It has been very valuable for me as I get the feedback on a deeper level every time I go through it, and the repetition also help cement the learning points.” Marianne Hommel, Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner

“I really enjoyed working with Dr. Mo. You will too!! She is so positive, encouraging and supportive – and extremely knowledgeable. As my mentor, she provided thorough, constructive feedback, as well as suggestions/and or links to additional course information and videos that enriched my EFT knowledge and helped me feel more confident. Feedback was always returned in a timely manner, so I could move forward in the course without delay. I would happily work with her again, and highly recommend her as a trainer or mentor for your EFT journey.”   Barbara Bell, Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner

Dr. Mo is definitely gifted. She has the powerful ability of taking abstract concepts and translating them so they’re easy to understand. This gift of clarity does wonders as she makes sure you really ‘get it’ and that is invaluable to her mentees. Additionally, her easy to watch and highly informative video library is a wonderful resource. Dr. Mo is a very thoughtful mentor who provided clear direction and wonderfully creative support throughout my EFT mentoring experience! I feel I am much better prepared to support my clients after working with her. J.S, Certified Clinical EFT practitioner

“Dr. Mo was a great mentor. In spite of going through a lot of personal change, including moving countries, she was always timely in responding to emails. Her feedback was timely and thorough, and as a result I saw a great amount of growth in the effectiveness of my sessions. When looking at session notes over a period of time, there was tremendous improvement from my early sessions to my later ones. This was a direct result of following her suggestions.” Cheryl Ennis, Certified Clinical EFT practitioner

“I started the mentoring program with Mozelle in September 2021 and completed it in February 2022. The feeling she gave me was that the session notes I submitted to her were of “utmost importance to her, and worthy of her undivided attention” with the eye of “what advice can I give her to help in becoming a better practitioner.” I believe this is very strong, and I repeat the word strong attitude of a mentor.She went to great lengths to support me through the mentoring journey…she was equally as supportive with her positive comments and answering any questions I sent her.”   Heather Graham Certified Clinical EFT practitioner

“[Dr. Mo] is a really great mentor. [Her] ability to redirect and correct while not criticizing or discouraging is impressive. I’m also thankful for all the resources and ideas [she] passed my way. Thank you, [Dr. Mo] for the time and effort you invested in me.”   David Gamble Moore, Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner

“I feel extremely grateful that Dr. Armijo was my Mentor. Her life experiences, along with her gentle and caring disposition have made her a standout in her profession. Dr. Armijo gave me detailed feedback from my session notes which in turn helped to expand my learning process. I was able to openly communicate through-out the entire mentoring process without fear or judgment. Dr. Armijo is a Mentor I can confidently recommend.”    Melissa Pucely, Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner

“I was very excited to hear that Dr. Mozelle was going to be my mentor. I loved her teachings and teaching style during live sessions. Immediately I was impressed with how quickly she took the initiative as my mentor. The emails she sent were always professional and informative. She was always prepared and well organized. She took me step by step through this program. She was available to answer any questions I had and she was very prompt with her response time. She was fully engaged and fully invested as my mentor, and was available to help through zoom If I needed. She prepared videos that she would send me if she felt I needed to review any material; each time I watched her videos I was so clear of what I needed to do. Having Dr. Mo on my side gave me so much confidence, and I knew I was not alone. I felt as though she was with me every step of the way. It was a privilege to have such a knowledgeable and experienced person by my side. She is an amazing mentor, she anticipates every situation and every question. Even if she asked me to do an extra session, I knew she had my best interest at heart and always had a way of encouraging me that encouraged me to be better. The way Dr. Mo explains things is very easy to understand. She explained in detail and made sure I was clear in my understanding of every situation. At the end of the mentoring process I felt very confident in my techniques. I recommend Dr. Mo as a mentor; she is engaged, she invests so much of her time and effort to make sure when we are done with the mentoring process we are fully equipped, confident, and prepared and fully set up for success!”   Maria Macias, Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner

“Dr. Mo is the best! Her enthusiasm for the effectiveness of EFT and her constructive, kind and on-point feedback as my mentor gave me confidence in my skills as a practitioner and offered invaluable insight into the places I could improve. I honestly could not have gotten through the program without her.”   Sue Wyatt, Certified Clinical EFT practitioner

Her guidance on my EFT sessions have made me a confident and effective practitioner. Every time she provides feedback ,she highlights everything I did really well, and gently provides suggestions on how to do things better. I always learn something valuable. I continue to refer to her notes for great ideas. I am grateful to be her student!” Michael Rebman, EFT practitioner

Dr. Mo is all the things I needed in a mentor. She is insightful, very well versed in all the topics we worked on, very prompt with her support and guidance, and was always a great resource for deepening my understanding and broadening my perspective. I am grateful that I got to have Dr. Mo as my mentor.” Dr. Kerstin Opitz, D.C, & Certified Clinical EFT practitioner

Mozelle was my mentor for almost a year and I couldn’t say enough kind words about her. She was very supportive throughout the process, answered any questions in a very timely manner and most importantly, was very intuitive to what I needed to do in order to better my skills as an EFT practitioner. Her feedback was always informative and helpful. Ekaterina PutnamCertified Clinical EFT practitioner

I’m forever grateful that Dr. Mo was assigned as my mentor. She always gently guided me in the right direction and thoughtfully answered any questions and concerns I had. I’ve had so much success with clients using techniques and tricks she taught me. And because I came to EFT through world of acupuncture, I especially appreciated her Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncturist-informed perspective on EFT. I could not have asked for a better mentor and feel very lucky to have had her guidance!” Ellen FeldmanCertified Clinical EFT practitioner

Ready to tap into something more with Dr. Mo?

Mentoring MOments with Dr. Mo Archive

Get a taste of Dr. Mo’s TeaQIngs in these videos.

For the full playlist of mentoring MOments, please go to Dr. Mo’s youtube channel.

Ready to tap into something more with Dr. Mo?

Mentoring FAQs

What do I do if I want to be mentored by you?

You can book a session directly using the ‘book a session’ buttons above  or if you have any questions, you can absolutely email me at

What does this mentoring count toward?

The 60 minute sessions can count toward Evidenced Based EFT Mentoring for Premium Accreditation mentoring. For more information on EB EFT mentoring, please visit

If I am from another tapping institution outside of EB EFT can I still be mentored by you?

Of course! You can find the option for a “mentoring session non EB EFT Accreditation” in the scheduling drop down menu. My rate is $170 per hour. 

Do you offer mentoring packages?

Yes! In addition to single sessions being offered at $170 per hour, I do offer a 4 session package for mentoring 1 and 2 or 3 and 4. Each (4) session package includes review of 24 session notes, either 1-24 or 25-48 depending on which module you are on. You can also book your sessions one at a time instead of upfront if you wish to do that; there is no difference in price if you book a package or single sessions. Please note that video sessions are booked separately because you may have already fulfilled your video session requirement during a Supervision Intensive; therefore, I have not included it in a mentoring package. If you would like to get started with a package, you can book it HERE

What if I do not find a time that works for me on your scheduler when I try to book a session?

 No problem. I understand that working with clients worldwide sometimes comes with its time issues. However, if you are serious about working together, I am committed to finding a time that works for both of us. Do email me directly at with your concern and we can find a solution.  

I have questions about the mentoring process with EB EFT. Where do I go for help?

You can check out all the details of EB EFT’s mentoring process here.