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“With assistance of Mo, EFT is a great way to clear out emotional blocks that keep causing the same reactions to the same problem. It helps you gain new insight and shift your perspective to a way you had previously been able to see because you were so stuck in old emotions. I also no longer become tense in situations I have no control over (i.e. traffic, lawsuits going haywire etc.) I also had huge shifts in my thinking about past events that greatly affect my present perception. I also think [Mo] did a really good job on picking up the subtle issues behind what I was feeling and the reasons for it without asking a lot of questions. Very effective use of time.” Alexandra Mae

Accredited Evidence Based EFT practitioner (2022)

EFT International Level 3 Advanced Practitioner Certification  (2022)

EFT Universe Mentor (2020-current)

EFT International Level 1 and 2 Certified Practitioner (2020)

California Licensed Acupuncturist (2020)

Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (DACM) (2020)

Graduate of the EFT MBA Program with Craig Weiner and Alina Frank (2019-2020)

Tapping Out of Trauma Level 1 with Craig Weiner and Suzanne Fageol (2019)

EFT Universe Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner (2019)


Research Masters in Cognitive Neuropsychology, Vrije University ( (current)

Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine  from Pacific College of Health and Sciences (2020)

Graduate from Master Face Reading Certification Program, Lotus Institute (2019)

Bachelor’s of Science from UC San Diego (2015)

Meet Dr. Mo

Dr. Mo  is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Certified Clinical EFT practitioner and mentor, Reiki Master, and Chinese Face Reader. Dr. Mo received her first Clinical EFT training from EFT Universe, later joining the EFT Universe team as a mentor. She has since acquired her Advanced EFT Level 3 Certification from EFT International and is an Accredited Evidence Based EFT practitioner. Dr. Mo has been taught by EFT masters and experts including Naomi Janzen, Dale Teplitz, Alina Frank, Craig Weiner, Emma Roberts, and Sue Beer and has also been taught by some leading experts in the field of Chinese Medicine such as Lillian Pearl Bridges.

 Dr. Mo feels that although EFT is rooted in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, in many ways, the sanctity and science of Chinese Medicine has been overlooked. In her teaQIngs, mentoring, and private practice, Dr. Mo aims to connect the wisdom of ancient Chinese medicine with that of modern neuroscience. 

Dr. Mo strives to rekindle a deep reverence for the power of Chinese medicine that exists within and fundamentally supports the practice of EFT and restore the ancient notion that science is sacred. Her diverse background in Eastern and Western sciences allows her to guide students and clients to a deeper understanding of what clinical EFT can do if they choose to tap into something more. Her deepest intention  for humanity is  to understand that what happens to them does not have to define them and they do not have to live in the shadows anymore. 

Dr. Mo's EFT Journey

I came to find EFT because I was left in the emotional storm of a bad break up. I was knee deep in my doctoral program at the time and the break up triggered so many negative and self critical emotions that distracted me from my work, schooling…and not to mention, my personal relationships. Every arena of my life suffered greatly because I was anything but present with my emotional and physical body. I was living in the past and the future. My head in the sky and I was literally doing anything to avoid dealing with my present reality. 

My health and well being took a major toll too…proof that emotions can wreak havoc on your physical body. I lost so much weight, developed weird health issues,  and would often wake up from restless sleep with terrible anxiety. I gravitated to EFT because even though modalities like acupuncture and herbs helped me greatly, I could not schedule a 2am appointment with an acupuncturist when I woke up with crippling anxiety. But, when I started using EFT, I could manage my emotions as they arose, and within minutes of becoming triggered, I could focus again and get through the day. 

Through regulating myself everyday with tapping, things started to fall into place and slowly but surely, I got my life back. I started to understand that the reason why the break up was so devastating for me, was less to do with that specific relationship but more with my emotional history as a child and adolescent.

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